VCK Testimonials:

Submitted by: Kelly Harris Gills

Bear Shadow Gills was born September 2nd of 2006. Bear was taken excellent care of until he joined our family October 21st of 2006. Bear is a beautiful brown chesapeake bay retriever that we were lucky enough for Steve and Stacey to share with our family! Bear is wonderful with children, adults, and other pets. Everywhere we go....people stop and comment on how beautiful Bear is! Steve and Stacey have dedicated themselves to continuing this breed properly. Bear has been such a blessing to our family. Confederate Kennels is a very dependable, responsible, and wonderful kennel to purchase your next family member from! I cannot wait to see puppy pictures soon of Bear's family!

Submitted by: the entire Williams family

Back in the fall of 2003 we first started contacting the Huffs about possibly buying a Chessy from their next available litter. After corresponding with the Huffs we decided that these were the breeders that we wanted to deal with. We made the trip from IL to VA right before Xmas of 03. We picked out Zeke who was the biggest in the litter. Little did we know that the word biggest would describe every aspect of this dogs character. He is very strong, he has the most determination and drive of any dog that we have ever seen. Yet he is as gentle as a puppy. He is definitely the most excited from the months of October to January when the flights are on and there is work to be done. Weather conditions from snow, to freezing rain, or even frozen lakes will not dampin this dogs spirits about hunting and retrieving. When training him we have never seen a dog that wants to please his master as much as he does. Zeke is a wonderful dog and wonderful representation of what this the Chessy breed shoud be. So if you are looking for a Chessy and breeder that is knowledgeable about the breed and training the Huffs would be a great choice.

P.S. Zeke will even pick up decoys; I kid you not.

Submitted by: Danielle Elrod

Steve Huff made buying our chesapeake a wonderful and memorable experience. He is a top notch breeder. He answered all our questions about the breeding and the pups. Steve was kind enough to demonstrate some of the sire's working ability. Gator, our dog from his litter has been the best dog we have ever owned. He has a sweet disposition, he is intelligent and very tractable. He has a strong work ethic and he always gives effort. We have enjoyed running him in hunt tests as well as hunting with him. He is a magnificent animal, very healthy and athletic... plus he is an extremely handsome dog. He has a Champion title for show and his Junior title for hunting. He will go onto running Senior or Master tests this fall and also obtain his Upland title. We couldn't be more pleased!

Submitted by: Mike Halsey

Finn is the best dog I have ever owned, hands down, and I have owned many dogs. He is strong as a horse, gentle as a kitten, and does not know the word quit. His drive and stamina are unbelievable. He is easy to train and always wants to be with me. I have known the Huffs for years and know of no one more upstanding.

Submitted by: Elizabeth Davis

I have rewritten this comment a number of times trying to come up with words to express how wonderful the Chessie is we received from Confederate Kennels. Blue is a wonderful companion and has the best personality. He is great around other dogs and people. He is very intelligent and has been easy to train. I can't wait to see the pics of the latest litter.

Submitted by: Michelle Baum

Where to start. Rifle is, simply put, the best dog ever. He's got the best disposition and he's just beautiful. He's been great with our kids and other dogs. We just can't say enough nice things about the whole experience. We are so grateful to the Huffs for bringing us together.

Submitted by: Sue Cordoba

I am thrilled with our Chesapeake Bay Retriever, Shea, and with Confederate Kennels! Shea is 1.5 years old now, has a beautiful brown coat, and is the consumate retriever. Our vet tells us that he has the best disposition that he has seen in a Chessie yet, and he is a total hit with the neighborhood kids. The Huff's offered terrific service and have a spotless facility along with a huge place for the dogs to run. I highly recommend them.